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During these strange times we want to wish you all safety and peace…
But we do miss the hell out of you, and hope to see you at the next MAS Miami!

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Le Batard Brothers

David & Dan

MAS, Volume 4 combines the DJing excellence of radio executive producer Mike Ryan with the truly awful karaoke stylings of ESPN NBA insider Amin Elhassen. The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is America’s biggest sports radio and proud to also provide a national platform to Mayday, Locos Por Juana and other musical acts with Miami roots. Three local visual artists will also do live paintings and have their work on display as MAS combines sports, music and art ... and, of course, Papi’s dominoes. The Le Batard Brothers, raised in Miramar, have graduated to national and international prominence, Dan taking Miami to the masses with his national radio and television platforms on ESPN, Dave doing so through his bold and world-renowned art. Together, they create stimulation … and stimulate creation. And now they present an exclusive and distinctly South Florida experience, Miami arts and musicians and entertainers merging to let you know how Miami feels, tastes, dances and looks. You want more Miami? We give you MAS.